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The women of the CAKE Comedy Tour will kick off their 2017 tour in Boston at the Women in Comedy Festival, but this New York- and Los Angeles-based group of comedians has found a whole different way to fund the tour.

From New York City, comedians Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield and Kaytlin Bailey and L.A.-based Erin Judge are teaming up with Kickstarter to pioneer a brand-new way for indie tours to sell more tickets and reach more fans. READ FULL ARTICLE


Four female comedians in New York City—Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield, Kaytlin Bailey and Erin Judge—have now partnered with Kickstarter to create something similar for touring comedians. The Pink Collar Comedy Tour veterans have rebranded themselves as CAKE (you’ll find out why a little later, if you haven’t figured out why already) and are spreading the gospel of fan-supported tours far and wide. READ FULL ARTICLE

Carrie, Abbi, Kaytlin, and Erin debut as The Pink Collar Comedy Tour in South Carolina in 2012. They spent 4 years playing to packed houses in more than 60 cities, including Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Toronto, San Francisco, and Raleigh, to name just a few. Click here to read Pink Collar's profiles and interviews in Forbes, the Boston Globe, and many more...


The ‘Comedian you should know series’ is about celebrating artists on stage.  The wonderful, strange, and brilliant performers that light up our theaters, auditoriums, clubs, and sidewalks.  A kick-ass, all-female comedy team, has done something interesting, they’ve collaborated with kickstarter to pre-sell tickets to the shows on their tour.  Meet Kaytlin Bailey of Cake Comedy, a comedian you should know. READ FULL ARTICLE


The CAKE Comedy Tour, featuring NYC-based comedians Carrie Gravenson (Caroline’s on Broadway), Abbi Crutchfield (truTV), Kaytlin Bailey (MTV, SiriusXM), and LA-based comedian Erin Judge (NBC’s Last Comic Standing), is teaming up with Kickstarter to pioneer a brand new way for indie tours to sell more tickets and reach more fans. These comics will use this innovative platform to bring their stand-up show — along with lots of amazing extras — to cities and venues all across the country. READ FULL ARTICLE


The CAKE Comedy Tour is comprised of Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield, Kaytlin Bailey and Erin Judge. They used to tour as Pink Collar Comedy. Kaytlin Bailey stopped by the studio to tell us all about their cool tour. LISTEN TO PODCAST

Kaytlin Bailey (Pink Collar Comedy Tour) stopped by during her visit to Philly to talk breakups, new relationships, and to tell us about her awesome comedy tour CAKE which will be savaging the east coast this spring. Get your ticket now at Kickstarter. LISTEN TO PODCAST


You’ve heard of Kickstarter being used to help raise money for startups, businesses and even art projects. Four comedians, all of whom have ties to New York City, have teamed up with the site to use it in a new way — as a tour-launching platform for independent artists. READ FULL ARTICLE


Comedian Kaytlin Bailey loves to take on preconceived notions, and she loves a challenge. She speaks her mind in clubs, on podcasts, and in her acclaimed one-woman show Cuntageous.  She has reinvented herself multiple times in her life already (from sex worker to political campaign director to comedian) and now that she’s settled on a career in comedy, she’s already looking to change the way the game is played. READ FULL ARTICLE

The CAKE Comedy Tour (Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield, Kaytlin Bailey and Erin Judge) has been touring the country as the Pink Collar Comedy Tour since 2012. The Boston Globe described the tour as “smart comedy by female comics.” They want to come to Nashville May 2nd and are using Kickstarter to pre-sell tickets.


Metro Boston

Let’s face it, between the spring snowstorms and all the chaos that’s going on in the world, Bostonians are in serious need of a laugh or three. Cue the Women in Comedy Festival.


Now in its eighth year, the stand up show will once again take over the city for five days of laughter, workshops, and other sidesplitting fun.


K Street Magazine

The CAKE Comedy Tour is coming to Drafthouse Comedy on Tuesday, April 25th at 7:00pm, featuring smart stand-up comedy from Carrie Gravenson (Caroline’s on Broadway), Abbi Crutchfield (truTV), Kaytlin Bailey (MTV, SiriusXM), and LA-based comedian Erin Judge (NBC’s Last Comic Standing), ranging from philosophical to raunchy. Tickets are $25 general admission.


Asheville Grit

Have you heard about the CAKE Comedy Tour? CAKE is four fabulous ladies (Carrie Gravenson, Abbi Crutchfield, Kaytlin Bailey, and Erin Judge) who are taking their act on the road this spring and summer. They've got an innovative way of booking shows, too—through a Kickstarter campaign. If the ladies raise $1,000 in pre-show ticket sales, they'll be in Asheville on Thursday, May 4, where they'll perform at the Southern.


“Give me a C! Give me an A! Give me a K! Give me an E!”

The CAKE Comedy Tour, which played Kings Raleigh on Friday, May 5th, started out in 2012 as “The Pink Collar Comedy Tour.” These are four upbeat, energetic, smart female comics who pull out all stops to make their audience laugh. The current name comes from the performers’ first initials: C for Carrie Gravenson, A for Abbi Crutchfield, K for Kaytlin Bailey, and E for Erin Judge.


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